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I am a Digital Marketing Professional with over 10 years of experience in UI Design and Html development. Participating in online surveys and other genuine earning programs are my leisure time activities. Here I am sharing some of the opportunities to earn extra income, based on my experience.

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One important thing to keep in mind is that the programs discussed here are not for earning any quick income. You have to be patient and realistic.  Many websites and blogs talk about paid surveys which will give hundreds of dollars for a single survey. That is almost impossible. Before registering you can go through the company website, internet reviews etc.

Among the survey sites, Toluna, Global Test Market, Viewfruit, Opinion World and AIP Surveys, Zippy Opinion sent frequent surveys. Most of the sites redirect to Toluna survey site. So there is a possibility that when you register with multiple survey panels, you will come across the same Toluna survey you had already tried. That’s fine if you have patience and enjoy doing surveys. You will feel really encouraged when you get your first gift voucher/pay pal cash or any equivalent earnings.

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This blog on earning extra income contains advertisements and affiliate links from third-party providers. Though care has been taken to include programs only from trusted sources, I strongly recommend checking the authenticity of the programs/websites by careful evaluation. The responsibility of signing up and participating in the programs are entirely up to the user. There is no compulsion. Go through their terms and conditions, reviews etc. before signing up.