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American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion – An International Online Survey Panel Providing Interesting Surveys

The American Consumer Opinion® is an international online survey panel having several million members globally and pays the members to participate in surveys and research activities. They are owned by Decision Analyst Inc, based in the USA. They started in 1986 conducting surveys to the Americans. Later in 1996, they went online and provided membership to all around the globe.

The panel currently includes over eight million men, women, and children throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The members are invited to participate in surveys relating to a variety of topics.

About American Consumer Opinion Membership

The membership to this online survey panel is free of cost and is open to anyone all over the world. The minimum age required to participate in this panel depends on the countries. Those who register have a chance to participate in several surveys a year. An average survey might take 10 minutes to complete and mostly have a set of screening questions.

In addition to paid surveys, you can also participate in quick polls. Members will get an invitation to participate in surveys in the registered email address. It is very important to provide correct information so that the invitations are not missed.

Points Structure

There are two types of questionnaires available:

  1. Short questionnaires known as ‘screeners’
  2. Long questionnaires known as ‘surveys’, usually 10 – 15 mins

For successfully completing each screener, you will be rewarded with 5 – 50 points or you will be entered into a drawing for electronic gift cards. Each point is equal to a penny. The points awarded for surveys are usually between 50 – 5000.

How to Redeem Points

Once you reach 1000 points you can redeem them. After logging in to the account, use the Cash Out option. You can also redeem the points and donate to a charity. Several different options are available for this. Cash out options include Paypal and Hyper wallet options which are acceptable in various countries. The sweepstakes cash out option allows the members to redeem a part of their points to participate and get a chance to win prizes.

Privacy and Security

All the information provided by the user is treated with extreme confidentiality and is private and secure.

How to Joint American Consumer Opinion panel?

You may click the below button and register today!

Join American Consumer Panel®

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Disclaimer: American Consumer Opinion® name and logo are the properties of the respective owners and are used here for information purposes only.

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