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View Fruite India Online Surveys

Viewfruit, Another Popular International Online Survey Panel

Viewfruit is an International company providing market research and opinion polls services to 32 countries over the world. The regions include Asia, Australia, Europe, America and Africa.

Viewfruit India provides market research surveys to the Indian members. They provide an excellent opportunity for members to voice their opinions that can help companies to shape better products and services.


The registration can be easily done from their website. Just provide an email id, password and complete the image verification. Click the confirmation link sent to your registered email id.

Fill in all the personal details first, which is available under ‘Account Information’. Based on our profile, we will get invitations to online surveys on a variety of topics like Consumer, Electronics, Fashion to name a few. Make sure to check your email often to check for any survey invitations.


The website mainly provides online paid surveys, promotion tasks and opinion polls (called V-Votes), which we can see in our dashboard.


Each survey has different points based on length, difficulty and value of the survey. Once we successfully complete the surveys, our account will be credited with the points. This information is clearly displayed on the member home page. A list of surveys and activities available are also displayed there.

On successfully completing a survey, we get a chance for a prize draw which offer points up to 100000, if lucky.


Once our points reach a minimum threshold of 2500, we can redeem them for rewards.

  • 2500 points – $5
  • 5000 points – $10
  • 10000 points – $20
  • 15000 points – $30
  • 25000 points – $50
  • 50000 points – $100

The amount is transferred through a Paypal account. So, make sure to start an account in Paypal.

Invite Friends

We can invite our friends either by sharing our provided referral link through social media or by providing their email ids in the invite list.

Once the invitees successfully register and fill in their basic information, they will be recorded as our research friends. When they form our own research team and succeed in completing the surveys, we get an extra bonus of 10% points.

Become Affiliate

The members can earn better profits by becoming affiliates. We need to direct traffic to a particular survey link, and participants need to complete the survey which decides the profit we make.

Currently, 4 different affiliate options are available:

  • Webmaster
  • Investigator
  • Social Media Master
  • Mobile App/Online Game

How To Register

You can register at the Viewfruit India website through the link below:

Join Viewfruit

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