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Survey Reward - $10 - SurveySavvy

Reward – $10 Cheque from SurveySavvy

After waiting for a few weeks at last I got $10 cheque in hand. I earned $10 for a single survey from SurveySavvy and it was done some times back. Now a days survey sites do not provide such amounts for a single survey. Now let me describe my experience with this.

I was really excited to get the cheque and shared my happiness with friends and family. But things were different when I approached the bank to clear the cheque. One of the nationalized banks informed me that they no more accepted cheque in foreign currency, as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines. Only online transfers were accepted. Then I checked with one of the private banks and came to know that they accepted foreign cheques. But it turned out that I had to pay more than the value of cheque as clearance fee. I was really disappointed.

Then I wrote a mail to SurveySavvy support regarding the situation. Only payment method they have at the time of this writing is by cheque only. The suggested me to send the cheque back so that they could re-credit the amount to my account and asked me to redeem once I have a considerable amount. Chances are also there that they may start payment by Paypal  in the future.


Survey Savvy Cheque
$10 Cheque from SurveySavvy


The cheque was from US and I sent it back through ordinary air mail. Last week I got confirmation from them that my account was re-credited. Thanks to SurveySavvy.

This was a new experience and shared this with my friends also.

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