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Earn Money From PTC (Paid To Click) and GPT (Get Paid To) Programs

GPT or Get Paid To websites offer rewards for doing particular tasks whereas  PTC or Paid To Click websites offer cash/reward for clicking and viewing banners for a  particular time. These websites pay people for viewing ads, completing offers, paid online surveys, games etc. We can refer our friends or relatives and earn more when they complete tasks. The following are a list of some such sites:



Paid surveys, offers, cash search, cash tasks, cash games etc.



Pays for viewing ads (5s – 30s, $0.001 – &0.01), paid surveys, offers, tasks and clixgrid.

Clix gird is a grid consisting of several small squares. We can have 30 clicks anywhere in the grid. If we are lucky we will get up to $10 for a click. Most of the times you will not win any amount. I have tried this grid three times, but have not won any amount.

I had also registered at ClixResearch which sends paid surveys for those who register. One additional advantage I had was that I got a special invitation to a closed survey community called Spectrum by C Space, which is really interesting to participate. They had already paid $5 for registration and $10 for active participation in less than two months. Unlike other survey sites, there is no threshold and they pay directly to our PayPal account immediately. Right now people can join on invitation only.

Please visit the Payment Proofs page for details on rewards.



Pays to watch advertisements, offers etc. This is similar to clixsense.



Earn swag bucks (SB) for doing variety of tasks.



Paid surveys, games, offers etc.



Paid surveys, offers, cash back for shopping etc. Need to earn $20 for redemption. Earning opportunities for Indians are limited with many such sites as paid videos and many other earning programs are not allowed.

There are so many such sites which are genuine or fraud. We have to take time, read the instructions and then register with such sites. Again we have to remember that there is no short cut to earn money. Most of the people will be desperately searching for some quick money and fall prey to scam or fraud sites.

I request you to visit my other posts also since I have described my real experience in them.

Jayakumar N

Jayakumar N is a Digital Marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in UI Design and html/css development. Visit his personal website: www.jayakumar.net

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